if im being 100% honest….i dont wanna go to school tomorrow and well the rest of the semester, i have like a month and a half left but when you’re depressed that feels like eternity, a day feels like weeks. im trying to keep on going cause “i made it this far” but honestly idek if ima pass my english class at all. i dont like this college set up(its partially my fault) but some of the classes are so long, and i get burnt out so quick in the day. im tired. overwhelmed. stressed.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • vmartinez6


    I feel you. Remember that this will get you one step closer to whatever goals you have in life too. You can do it. Take it day by day. Sometimes even hour by hour and I know that it drags on and on when you don't feel good but you keep pushing and you'll make it through. Take one task and one assignment at a time too. You got this.

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