I’m allergic to cats, dogs and ferrets. I have two ferrets. My asthma is pretty uncontrolled, and is mostly induced by my allergies. I went to the doctor, and previously I was on advair and it was helping, but not fully. Instead of uping the dose of advair, the doctor gave me 3 new medications, 2 inhalants (spiriva and symbort) and 1 oral (montelukast). I didn’t really like this as I don’t like being on all these medications. The doctor basically said we’re trying it. My asthma has not got any better. I hate that the doctor didn’t even discuss exercising or quitting vaping. He just threw all these meds at me. Sometimes I feel like they are just doing it for the money, not to help their patients.





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  • Coffee_hound


    Advice from an old lady who has lived a lot: STOP the vaping! You are not doing your lungs any favors!!! And you have just one set, take care of them. Right now I also deal with sarcoidosis, and pneumonia ( which is temporary I hope) and I am struggling. Can’t do the things I love to do. So please! Take care of you!! Give your doctors advice a try .

  • strawberrymonster


    Those things might help but from the doctors perspective exercising doesn’t have to do with allergy induced asthma and you probably won’t quit vaping lol. totally agree doctors push drugs and i’ve never met your doctor, but maybe they thought this was the best treatment plan for you. you do have a right to advocate for your health so don’t be afraid to talk to them!!

  • Cas_499


    Montelukast has a black box warning out for it and my doctor never told me, be very careful and maybe read up about it! It made my mental health really bad. That's basically what my doctor wants to do for me, not get to the bottom of it but just give me a bunch of medication. It's so frustrating.

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