I had trigeminal neuralgia on one side of my face since 2017, but now I think I feel it beginning on the other side too. Anyone else experience something like this?

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  • TNBear


    😥 that's a scary feeling, I hope it is not the case 🙏 Mine stayed on one side but I read in the TN facebook group about people that had it on one side and then the other, I think mostly for atypical TN but not sure.

  • TNBear


    But many times I had a scare about it starting on the other side, usually because of another pain or strange feeling that wasn't related

  • Weenie


    Thanks, TNbear! I hope it’s unrelated pain

  • LovelyDarkness


    Helloooo ✋ Mine is actually centered in the 2 nerves in my forehead. I noticed tho every now and then during stressful times I feel it within the side of my face. It constantly jumps for me since my pain is constant and all over the place. Sometimes it even goes down to my neck & shoulder. I figured this was normal since it's nerve pain and it jumps around a bit, atleast for me 😅

  • Weenie


    That makes sense, LovelyDarkness! I am currently undergoing a lot of dental work for other health conditions so I wonder if it’s related to that

  • pegigis


    Dental work will make mine flare and jump all over the place.

  • Jules81


    I have both sides myself but I didn’t even notice one until the other was better managed.

  • Mickeysailaway


    Hello! I have trigeminal neuralgia and it started on my left side. It was only about 6 months, and it started hurting on my right side as well. Now it always hurts both sides equally at all times. I have flares that last MONTHS. I feel like a horrible mom because I go so long in so much pain, I can’t do anything.

  • MsMoscato


    Mine started on my right side and after around 20 years it moved to my left side. I don’t have it on the right at all anymore. It runs along my top teeth, jaw and ear.

  • Nine11nojoke


    I feel I am going through the exact same thing. It started on the right side in 2003. I am beginning to feel the crushing pain and lightening bolt that run across my forehead and cheek. I have had 3 brain surgeries and all 3 failed. Doc told me I had a 50/50 shot. Where are you from? I live in Lexington NC.

    • MsMoscato


      illinois born and raised. Do you take any meds ?

  • AzzieRivers


    Yes, I have had it on my right side for several years (I have it where the pain is CONSTANT like best case scenario is it's a little less but it NEVER goes away). It started in just one branch then spread to another now it's in all three branches of that right side😭. Then coincidence or not after my first Covid vaccine it started in my left side. Luckily in the left side it's only intermittent. But having both sides going when that happens is hell!!!

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