I’ve had a hard time keeping friends lately, they find me annoying and hard to deal with apparently. There was an instance where one of my best friends was high on acid and I was worried, he told me I was killing his vibe and to not talk to him while he was high or I’ll ruin it, a lot of people tell me “I miss the old you that wasn’t this depressed all the time, the fun you” and I’m not sure how to take it, nobody ever wants to talk to me anymore, I feel like this mostly has to do with my bpd, how am I supposed to make friends?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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  • esh


    Hey I’m really sorry you are going through this. I’ve been experiencing almost the exact same thing. Just in terms of people avoiding/not wanting to be friends because of my BPD. It really sucks. I just talked to my therapist about it this morning and I think we just haven’t found our people. I don’t know everything about your situation but my hope is that we will find people that accept us for who we are. One day at least. And until then we have to be okay with others not wanting those close friendships. It is difficult and depressing though so I really understand your struggle there😔

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