I’ve always had trouble eating recently it’s gotten soo much better and I can eat 2 heavy meals a day and a thick smoothie but I’m starting to realize I can’t function w 2 meals my time blindness is fucking me up up soo bad I never have time for shit w two meals why tf did I do my best to regain my appetite just to have to cut it down again in order to be able to into the shower and into bed at a reasonable time

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Nimbus


    Do you take meds for your. ADHD? Don’t they mess with your appetite?

    • Ivy4813


      I take meds and it most definitely messes with your appetite, even if you don’t think it does, which is what makes it so dangerous. I’m have the same struggle of remembering to eat during the day, making myself slow down and just eat. It’s been really hard and I know I failed at it today.

  • mangosmom


    snacks!! i can’t eat three full meals bc it feels like SO much but I feel really good snacking on small things through the day.

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