How is sex like with these medical issues I did experience extreme dryness when I finally had sex even though my OBG checked and said the moist in my Vag was ok.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • Mo14


    Hi I'm new, but I had this issue then I used a lube a couple of times and after that I didn't need it anymore. Also have you thought about a girl's day and try the Yoni Steam for the Vag? I want to try one day I hear it helps with keeping everything tight and right. You will be fine dryness is a temporary thing

  • HannahL


    I’m so at the other end of the spectrum B I’ve found putting within arms lengt 😥

    • HannahL


      Didn’t mean to send emoji worr

  • RayneHavoc


    I use coconut oil as the occasional lubricant. It works wonders

  • livelifeasian07


    maybe see a pelvic floor therapist who can evaluate the muscles and all down there. it really helped me.

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