Did you have to go through any trial and error processes before finding the right mix for your psych meds?



Anxiety (Including GAD)




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  • tornadolava


    Yes. That's a lot of the process. I'm currently waning off one and hoping this next one will work for me. I hope you find your match! ❤️

    • Blaker326


      I'm actually just asking out if pure curiosity- I'm VERY lucky, and the first mix they put me on has worked like a charm ❤️👍🏼

  • Succulent


    I tried 5 different medications: SSRIs, SNRIs, and antipsychotics before I finally found the right match - mood stabilizers!

  • E_belli


    I've tried so many. Finally found a good cocktail this year, bc my previous one stopped working after 4-5 years. Prozac + hydroxyzine + lamotrigine + Risperidone + Welbutrin + Vyvanse= magic!✨

  • Simmerr


    I tried all of the SSRIs and SNRIs. Now the doc wants to give me olanzapine to help with the panic attacks. Currently on Vraylar, Welbutrin and ativan. We quit with all of the other meds because they weren't doing the trick.

  • oasis


    Yes and even when things seem doubtful, keep trying! You'll find what works for you and sometimes its combining your meds with something more holistic (just an example-yoga). It's really frustrating at times but I'm glad I listened to my body. Zoloft helps lots of people with their anxiety and depression and that's awesome but it made me either suicidal or totally numb and nothing in-between. I started Prozac and that has been helping me cope significantly. It's not perfect but it makes things easier. The meds don't make it go away, so don't be mistaken in your search and thinking that something needs to "cure" or "fix" you. Side note, never look at your mental health journey as fixing. Seeking help and sometimes failing doesn't mean changing who you are. It's taking care of yourself. This is long and winding and I'm sorry but I hope this helps at least a little! 🤗

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