How do you forgive yourself for doing something terrible to yourself?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Rebe


    Depends on what it is? What exactly did you do?

  • QuinnS


    I’ve actually apologized out loud to my body for the pain I’ve purposely put it through. Then give myself hugs

  • Lorelai


    Time helps. Physical and emotional healing helps. And talking to a therapist about it. 💕

  • Rebe


    The fact that you apologize and give yourself hugs is very smart. Be kind to yourself. Also, definitely seek therapy for an understanding of the psychology behind it.

  • bomb


    i try to take care of myself more, to make up for it. I remind myself that it wasn’t exclusively my fault. I’m in a difficult situation and it’s understandable that i’d make a mistake.

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