Hi. I'm Issy. I have terrible arthritis with my lupus and stay tired all the time. I sleep more than stay awake. do you have this problem

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  • Ivone


    Hi Issy. I just get very tired when I’m exposed to the sun. And in the evening have pain in my legs. In the middle of the night is when I have pain in my feet and arm, mostly in the hands, elbows, sometimes the knees. But I sleep good from 9 to 4, pain begins around 3:30 am and ends around 7 am in the morning. Arthritis Tylenol helps a little.

  • Laila11


    I’m exhausted all of the time, but only sleep about 3 or 4 hrs a night because the pain keeps me up. Tylenol extra strength is my best friend lol

  • Miss_Marilyn


    I’d find hot baths relaxing music helps me with pain . I definitely know stress makes pain worse.

  • Lupushater


    I'm always exhausted. Sleep about 4 to 5 broken hours a night

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