Do any of you bite or chew on your top or bottom lip? Or bit or chew on the inside of your cheek? When do you do it? Specifically when anxious or not (just because)? I sometimes find that I do it when bored. And I just keep doing it. Sometimes to see how much pain I can cause. Sometimes I like the pain. (These are within what I’d call safe limits, though, as it never gets too bad and I also wouldn’t say I use it as a self harm mechanism)

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  • Koala


    I used to chew the inside of my mouth constantly, I think it was a fidgety thing I did because of stress. But ever since I got braces and then Invisalign, I’m not really able to bite my mouth without doing it consciously.

  • sprite


    i have ridges going up the side of my cheeks where i’ve just chewed and chewed. at any given time either my nails or the inside of my cheeks are between my teeth. i don’t think it’s an anxiety thing for me. i think it might be more tied to my adhd and the associated fidgeting.

  • Koala


    @sprite I have those ridges inside my cheeks too!

  • Halloween


    I chew the insides of my cheeks. It's mostly when I'm anxious and i don't even realize I'm doing it. I also have those ridges. I have to make a real effort to not do it so much bc i tore my mouth up so bad before that i couldn't sleep from the pain

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