Just needed to get this out, the only place I feel comfortable or seen is here. I have Excoriation disorder also know as Dermatillomania. I have been feeling really stressed lately and my postpartum depression has been worse these past two months which has made me pick my skin over and over my arms, my face & my back. I just can't control it and now Summer is almost here so I have to deal with the weight gain from having my amazing baby boy which also came with ppd. Hardly any clothes to wear and having to show my skin. I just feel so down and I try not to in front of my kids. I don't want them seeing me like this, I don't want it to effect them at all. Everything pretty much sucks. I hate going out because I don't feel comfortable in my clothes and showing off my skin. I just feel terrible and needed to get it out that's all. 😮‍💨 Thank you for listening or reading.

Dermatitis factitia

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  • aspen1007


    right there with you. do you want some words of encouragement or just solidarity? we got this ❤️❤️❤️

    • Josie1995


      it's just nice to know I'm not alone, don't know anyone personally dealing with what I have so it gets hard sometimes and I get in my head. Thank you! ❤️🙌

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