anyone else HATE going to the doctor? I feel like they always find a way to link my issues back to my weight somehow, like they're dismissing how I'm feeling. I know I need to lose weight and I'm actively working on it, but getting my conditions under control now should also be a priority!

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  • Soskae


    Yeah it’s pretty much the worst. My favorite is when they say all my problems will go away if I lose weight then I ask them how with my movement restrictions and the medications I’m on and they just shrug and say “figure it out.” Then I ask for a referral to someone who would know and they shrug again. It’s super helpful.

  • AutumnalHSP


    I dread going. Especially when you know they will be judgemental and make comments regarding it. We know we should lose weight, it doesn't help make us feel worse about it.

  • Marmy


    Exactly! I'm new at type 2! I've cut all the sugar. Haven't lost not one pound! Yes, I have severe mobility issues. Whole new world. Can't go anywhere hardly.

  • cielonu


    Doctor's truly have a way of making you feel bad. It's rare, at least for me, to find doctors who do not attribute everything to being overweight. If a doctor makes you uncomfortable, you can always ask for a new one. This is your health and your life and you don't need someone who is supposed to make you feel better make you feel worse.

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