I have hypothyroidism and I'm having trouble staying awake, being interested in anything, can't focus, forget almost everything, and brain fog. Any suggestions please?


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  • Dia


    It sounds like you aren't on the correct dosage of thyroid medication yet. That should all start to get better.

    • heather7


      they never gave me hyperthyroid medicine are they supposed to?

      • Jadebettle


        check out the medical medium thyroid book

  • Lauren_Hypopit


    Sorry to hear that :/ I have my t4 labs done almost every 3 months and make sure I’m in range. It seems I need to go up in dosage every year or so. Definitely ask to get those labs and prescription.

  • heather7


    Got the same thing going on I be driving heart pounding too hard I can feel it then get sleepy

  • NiqueMK


    I have the same issue. Work has been a struggle. I do the bare minimum.

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