Does anyone know how to cope with their special interests? I know that sounds weird because it's an interest and why would you need to "cope" with it? But they kind of upset me because, yeah, they're very important to me, but they become too important. I've lost so much sleep because I'm obsessing over some show or character. I've become incapable of holding in anything and then I spew a bunch of useless information at someone and they get annoyed and tell me to shut up. I get so into things that it's impossible to stop thinking about it and it makes me feel like I'm going insane. I'll get so excited about something that I hit myself because I don't know how else to get the emotions out and I just want to have some control over it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • lolpop


    Personally i find journaling or starting a blog to be really helpful in this.... like having a place were you can just ramble as long as you want to in as much detail as you want can feel pretty great. If you do the blog, you may find that other people share your views or think theyre cool as well. As for the impact on your life in other areas, i dunno if i could help with the staying up late thing, i have the same struggle. But i think that if making everything about your special interest is what makes you happy, by all means write about them, draw them, express it in whatever ways you can. Just my thoughts

  • KarlyGalin


    My thing is I feel so obsessed with my interests that I get sad and feel weird that I love them sm

  • Storme25


    Do have other hobbies or interests I know I can be obsessed with the wrong thing but right now I'm trying to replace it with positive things I was interested in alcohol and wanted to become an alcoholic but remembering I'm a Christian freak I'm into Jesus and miracles

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