Lately I feel like my adhd and depression has been working together to defeat me . It’s always such a challenge to get things done. Even something I know I need to do like exercising. And my sugar cravings takeover too.

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Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)


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  • LemonCanary


    You're not alone! My depression wants complete silence while my ADHD needs constant stimulation and I end up doing one or the other and it doesn't work, so I get nothing done because I can't focus🙃 My sugar cravings have also been off the wall too. My doctor says it's because I don't eat enough constantly (depression) so my body is craving something that will bring its energy up quick, which is sugar. Lately I've been eating these ginger chews when I'm feeling craving sugar because they're healthier and satisfy the craving.

    • Sarinaa


      glad to know I’m not alone it’s just confusing to find a solution idk where to start

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