I have a peptic ulcer, and I've been dealing with it/them for almost 5 years. I've had 2 upper endoscopies done about 3 years apart and an ulcer was found both times. After the 2nd one, I was put on more meds and after a few months my symptoms had almost disappeared. But then a few weeks ago I had a migraine that made me throw up (migraines are very common for me) and when I did, I threw up SO. MUCH. BLOOD. So, I was told to keep taking the meds I had been given, but they didn't do anything else. Now I'm constantly worried about it. Especially when I get stomach cramps.

Should I do anything about this? What can I do to stop worrying about it so much? How do I know if/when it's healed?


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    Oh my goodness this is scary! Sorry to hear that you're going through this. At any time during both of your endoscopies did they ever perform a biopsy as well? Just to make sure it's not anything worse like cancer.

    • MariahAnn


      they tested for celiac disease, but that's all.

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