I feel so alone like nobody to talk to and I feel like a burden when I do talk to people, cause I don't wanna burden them with my issues when they have battles of their own. I'd rather suffer in silence then talk to anyone about my issues because they don't need the extra weight in Thier shoulders but yet I always carry everyone else's weight for them because I am to kind hearted. I worry about others more than I worry about myself. Maybe it would be better if I was not here...


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  • datum


    Hi. It’s hard as hell out here. I’m sorry you’re going through those experiences and feelings. Are you currently going to therapy? If not, are you able to? Are you currently on meds? If not, are they accessible? I experienced many of the same thoughts. Happy to report that I’ve come out of that brainspace. Let me tell you firsthand that it’s worth sticking around. For me a lot of working through depression was learning to set boundaries, with myself and others. You are not here to shoulder everyone else’s burdens. First step is to start saying “no” to putting others first. YOU are the most important person in your life. Even if it feels bad. You MUST put yourself first. Please seek support. That can look like medical or community support. Who do you have in your life that you can trust? Wishing you the best.

  • Lucas.exe


    I feel the same way sometimes but if they really didnt want to talk to you they wouldn't talk to you. This probably isnt going to help but if you ever wanna complain to me go for it, my way of helping tho is relating which I know sometimes upsets other people but if you're down to be sad together in here haha

  • Mop


    You deserve help just as much as everyone else. If somebody you cared about told you they didnt want to burden you with your problems, how would you feel? Treat yourself as you would treat others. Helping other people and listening to their problems when they need somewhere to vent makes my life feel fulfilling, so if you ever need a place, I'm always open. The attempt to help others be a little more happy in life brings me more joy than anything else in this world. It's not a burden.

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