So I don't really know how to ask this but is there anything I can do for Agoraphobia without medication? I can't leave to go to the store without panicking, I can't even step out onto the front porch without running back in side. My doctor is trying to refer me to someone about the agoraphobia to actually fully see if it is that but he most definitely thinks it is.
I stayed in my bed for two days straight without leaving the bed only to use the bathroom and even then I'd feel uncomfortable. I forced myself to get out of bed and try going down stairs by myself and I kinda succeed and I was happy.
when it comes to stores I can't be around bright lights, lots of people or just people coming at me and I definitely can't be around loud noises without me wanting to back up into a shelf. I hate this I use to be able to go into stores and be more independent but now I can't, I get negative thoughts, thoughts about me dying and its causing depression now. I just need some advice or help something. 😔



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  • shasley


    when i force myself out of bed to do chores like that, i end up wearing way more layers than is necessary, beanie & a mask. just helps me feel like im .. idk. blending in a little more. and nobody gets to see me freaking out behind the mask lmfao

    • Bedtimebear33


      That's what I do, I just wear things that cover me completely even sunglasses when it's not even sunny. It kinda makes me more comfortable but me knowing I'm outside I still freak out. I'll try doing chores and just try to slowly get back into things. Thank you💖

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