I’m 16 but I’m miserable whenever I eat food. I’m trying to change my diet to an mcas friendly diet, no soy, gluten, or high histamine. Can y’all recommend some brands or things to cook?

Mast cell activation syndrome

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  • DysUnicorn


    I’m miserable also. Trying the 4-phase histamine reset plan now

  • misssunshine


    The biggest game changer for me was beginning a low histamine diet and I *only* eat my safe foods as eating became too dangerous (as I began going into full blown anaphylaxis from everything else). My safe foods are this. Cauliflower, broccoli, monzerella cheese, organic unsweetened apple sauce, and Irish organic butter. That's it! Everything else is considered risky! While this worked for me, it may or may not work well for you so definitely check it out🙏

  • SashaXanadu


    I try to stick to a low histamine diet. I removed my trigger foods out of the bunch. I can’t eat soy or shellfish.

  • Bijoux_bean22


    I don’t have much control over what I eat right now so I can’t offer much help. Sorry

  • TheRealHipster


    I have no safe foods right now. Have foods that are “safer” than others but in the same boat right now

  • Beemart


    I was on a mix of AIP and Paleo until my registered dietitian recommended low histamine which made a huge difference (look up SIGHI food compatibility list). I can't say what I eat is luxurious, but my staple includes making chicken soup in my instant pot with loads of veggies. For brands I live by Siete for grain free alternatives, and Jovial cassava pasta isn't too bad either. The biggest help tho was no snacking and all meals are 75% vegetables.

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