This is just as difficult to write as an online dating profile! Haha
I’m not sure how this works, but I would love to meet and chat with people about some of my chronic conditions. From the outside looking in, I have looked pretty normal, suffering in silence for many years. As I get older, it gets harder to maintain my facade.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Generalized pain

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  • ForestGypsy


    Same here.

  • xoxogossipgirl


    same - when i was younger it was i guess easier to deal with stuff but as i got older everything hurt more and became harder to manage as life got more busy

  • The_Kats_Pajamas


    My PTSD is something I share with people now, but it’s still hard for people to understand. I have lived on a tight wire of depression and anxiety for most of my life. The chronic pain & migraines that I suffer from have gotten worse with time- well, maybe better re: migraines, but my pain is definitely worse. I teach Spin classes at the gym, and am physically strong, but I have soooo much physical pain. I have to heat my spine 3 or more times a day. Looking at me, most do not know about my ailments, so when I share it people sort of cock their heads and are like, “Huh?” I have to keep moving, because if I don’t, everything flares up even worse. When I’m depressed it’s hard to even get dressed, let alone leave my house. Working at the gym forces me to get up and move. I have to have shoulder surgery soon, and am worried about not teaching my classes. I need that reason to get up and go, I need to keep moving- for my mental health as much as my physical health.

  • Dire_Wolf


    Yeah, gonna go ahead and just copy and paste this on my profile… it’s me 💯 🤗

  • SpoonieZone



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