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Chronic pain! Most of the time i just try to get on with life, but boy, some days it really gets me down. I'm trapped in a broken body with a mind that is still sharp. my body refuses to physically cooperate. Really frustrating as there is so much i want /need to do. Plus it is so lonely, don't get me wrong, my family are very supportive but they don't want to be talking about my pain and problems. They deal with it every day by, pushing me around in a wheel chair and doing loads of things for me. Not just the pain though, it's scary when you have so many medical problems. Im scared I'm going to die in the near futue, leaving my children with out me. They are all older now but they still need their mum. I need a friend to chat and listen to, but it's so hard to find friends these days. I rarely get to go out anywhere to meet any one. So it feels very alone trapped in my head with all these thoughts and ideas and thinking about all the things i would like to be able to do.

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      I dont have time for chatting. I hope you find someone who does. As for chronic pain, i think most people on this app are in a similar boat. For me, i no longer think about death. I prepared my stuff for whenever the time comes. Not thinking negative, but instead with that out of the way, i can simply enjoy what i can until that time. I live in the moment (and yes, i can choose to only acknowledge the good ones). So when i have a "good day", i enjoy it instead of "getting more stuff done".

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