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Sepsis is a systemic condition caused by the body’s reaction to an infection. If left untreated, sepsis may be a life-threatening condition. If sepsis progresses to septic shock, the blood pressure drops and the organs do not get enough oxygen to function. Sepsis may be caused due to infections such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis, bacteremia, catheter sites, digestive tract infections, wounds or burns.

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Symptoms may include changes in mental pressure such as confusion, a drop in the systolic blood pressure, and a respiratory rate which is higher than 22 breaths a minute.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include blood tests for electrolytes, clotting time, liver and kidney functions, and cultures from the blood, urine and respiratory secretions. In some cases, imaging tests may be done.


Treatment may include antibiotics, fluids, and vasopressors.

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