I’m wondering if I should have my child switch therapists. Maybe you all would have a good thought on what I should do. My daughter is getting therapy for anxiety issues stemming from her bio dad who is mentally abusing her and we’re dealing with all that in court. But I’ve been taking her to therapy since June and the therapist hasn’t addressed anything yet. She barely asks my kid questions and mostly talks to me because my daughter doesn’t talk a lot there. My daughter just ends up playing with toys most of the time as the therapist talks to me. I just want her to go work with my daughter directly and make some progress with these more difficult topics. My daughter will talk to me about them openly and is very easily able to identify how she feels but her therapist doesn’t get that side out of her. I feel like I should maybe switch therapists for her but scared she won’t like the next one or something. I don’t know really what to do. I don’t know what expectations to have from therapists for kids I guess since I didn’t get therapy as a child.


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      First of all, sorry to hear your daughter is going through this ordeal with her bio dad. That's rough and I'm glad she has you in her corner getting her help legally and mental health wise Have you expressed these things to your daughter's current therapist? She may be unaware of what you're expecting/wanting. I do think it is strange that the therapist is not talking directly with her as much but every therapist works differently. Ask her what her approach is and what her plans are moving forward since you aren't seeing much of a difference so far. Communcation is key here. It should also be noted that therapy takes a while sometimes and 3 months simply may not have been long enough to see an effect yet. May I ask how old your daughter is? My only experience with therapy as a young kid was when my parents got divorced and I had to attend the mandatory therapy sessions. At age 9 or so I was alone with the therapist for some if not all of the sessions. As a teenager, obviously, I was also alone in my therapy sessions. Not sure how it all works regularly for young kiddos or what your daughter's situation is like, but maybe she would be more talkative if you weren't in the room to do the talking for her. It sounds like she is okay with this therapist since you mentioned her maybe not liking a potential different one (implying this one is fine) so I would talk with the therapist about your issues and start with clarifying your expectations. Maybe try some independent sessions if your daughter is older enough (school aged sounds about right) to be without you for a session or even just part of a session and see what happens when you aren't around. I know that when I was a kid having my parents with me always made me less talkative in official settings and things like that since I relied more on looking to them and hearing what they had to say

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