Lately I’ve gained 35 pounds in less then a month. My feet have swollen and almost tripled in size. My fiancé came home from work to find me unconscious in our kitchen on the floor. My blood pressure is thru the roof and I’m talking about 199/115 type hi. I’ve been admitted multiple times the last few months.., my doctors… they don’t no or understand what is going on with me. My primary is concerned and has even showed his concern by saying that I might be at the point where my body can no longer fight. I’m scared. Idk what to do… now I’m depressed and mostly I’m blank. I don’t talk or do anything I use to anymore. I just don’t no


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  • DallasNicole32


    Well... I am no expert or doctor... Hell we dont even know each other but before you allow your doctor to scare you like that I would like to just say first of all that that is very unprofessional of your doctor. In my opinion, has he or she ever seen an episode of House, I mean honestly? There are so many things that whatever is happening with you could be. So many things. And while it's frustrating I am sure and scary even more so.. the worst thing you could do is believe there is no answer or that there is nothing left to figure out. I currently am losing a lot of hair. I have no idea why. I have always had really long beautiful hair and all of a sudden I am losing chunks and it isn't growing at all like it used to... And I almost allowed it to make me feel some type of way, you know? But... I refuse to make it worse. Like being down and depressed and negative about it wont help me literally at all... So... I keep trying to fix it. No answer yet. :(. But.. I just want you to please try to enjoy every day regardless. Shit happens. Life is fucked up. (Excuse my language). And.. it sucks sometimes yes HOWEVER, if you believe that you will figure out what is going on with you, truly, you absolutely will. Don't give up. And maybe change doctors. Lol. That's so crazy to me... To say to someone who is already scared. Anyway... Positive. Always believe and always stay positive and I'll pray for you:)

    • 1stMayflowers


      I wanted to say, I think your response is excellent, and you says several things I too was thinking. Also, I have lost a lot of hair over the last year too, after having long thick hair all my life. I also don't know why, and have been brushed off, either it's ignored or I'm told I'm just aging (I'll be 42 in Nov). It really can be an emotional hit. Anyway, my point is to say I feel you, and you aren't alone!

    • NickyBear


      honestly I don’t find it unprofessional at all. This is the first doctor to care about me and has been trying to figure out what is going on with me. He didn’t say what he said to be unprofessional. He said what he said because he was being honest. He legitimately is concerned about me. And unlike my other doctors he has not lied to my face saying that I’ll be find. I do believe he is truthfully trying to help me.

  • Serenity_Love


    Sounds like your Dr doesn't know what they are doing. I'd week a second opinion and find a Dr that does know or is willing to put in the work to figure it out. There is ALWAYS an answer to a health concern. You deserve answers and to feel safe and better...that's your focus. You find a new Dr and you advocate for yourself. Don't stop until you get answers! Many Drs just don't care anymore they just want the check but not to take care of their patients. But there are some amazing ones out there too who will not stop until they find the answer and can help treat their patients! Hugs!!! 💕

  • RyeJaack


    Get fifty or a hundred "second opinions" to be honest, giving up the search is more tragic to watch than the actual health issues in a lot of ways. Keep fighting. It's scary and unknown. Notice and record everything in your body. Mood, pee color, stools, food intake, edema, bruises, pain locations, and more. The doctors need as much information as they can get.

  • Kcmichelle


    Yes!! Please find another doctor. I went to several before a Doctor took me seriously and referred me to my current gastroenterologist. My new doctor is wonderful, she listens to everything and if I ask for a test or if we can try something she discusses the pros and cons of everything. I too struggle with depression from this, but I just find at least one thing to hold on to each day. Idk why the weight gain suddenly but I struggle with gaining weight rapidly. I have not gained that much that soon, but mine was excessive water retention, I looked like I aged 20yrs and always red faced. I had to dramatically change my diet (even more than usual) I did that for 4 months and it all went away. I had to cut out all excessive salt, sugar and fat. I only ate baked chicken or fish (no skin and less fatty fish) Boiled down veggies Occasional piece of bread ( had to watch the sugar though) No sweets, sauces, coffee, dairy, no salty seasoning, not much fruit, etc... It was bland but it did help. I'm sure you're already on a strict food plan. My BP was higher, but not that high. I do believe the diet helped that too though. Idk what caused the sudden change though either. I wasn't eating too crazy but I also wasn't tracking anything. Again the doctor you have makes a huge difference!! Hope you find some answers soon! We love you ❤️❤️

  • ChristineD


    Do u take any meds that the side effects would explain this??

  • Reallyhopeful


    🙏 it sounds to me that you have the need for a little hope in your life! I can tell you honestly that I found Hope in God! I now have a purpose and a future to look forward to.

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