I hate having type 2 diabetes I'm trying to get it under control

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)


Complete transposition of great vessels

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  • vmartinez6


    What are you trying to do to get it under control?

    • swowak


      walking diting and metformin

      • Michelleryan


        what about the weight gain with metformim

  • Onyx550


    I'm type 2 but I lost a lot of weight because I can't eat what I want to it sucks but in the long run its better for me to eat as healthy as I can I take metforman as well as Lantus and Humalog I hate taking shots 4 times a day

  • CancerFighter2015


    I'm trying to get my diabetes back in order. Even if it means I only eat two meals. Though I'm not supposed to but rather have my blood sugar low then high

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