My anxiety has recently increased to horrible levels and I'm having trouble going to the store or other public places. I force myself to go if I completely need to but usually talk myself out of going. I don't have the energy to make food at home but my anxiety keeps me from even going through a drive thru so I don't eat most days. There's so much more going on but I don't have it in me to keep typing. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm on meds for anxiety and have a therapist but I need something more. Does anyone have suggestions?

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  • KGarrett


    What types of activities at home do you enjoy, do you have a pet, or enjoy caring for plans, do you draw or use adult coloring. I ask because it sounds like you could use a distraction until you can see your therapist. Do you meditated. Im sorry you feel like this. I use to avoid many social settings because of anxiety, but slowly started to attend and have been successful . Do you know why you have fear , and anxiety.

  • ElleChasm


    I'm 2nd generation Polish and I was "socialized wrong" according some of the people I encountered when I was little and even now into my adult life. Slowly it kept getting worse and I feel like I don't belong in public and think everyone is staring at me cause I'm acting wrong by simply pushing a cart wrong. I know it sounds extra but my brain does this to me all the time. I tries doing hobbies but I don't have the energy and when I do, my bf gets mad because I'm not doing what he wants to do...

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