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Sick with the Flu!.. this is the 3rd time I get sick since Oct. I’m so over it!! I’ve never gotten sick this much or so close together. 😭

    • Triple_C


      I’m sorry my friend… I too have Systemic Lupus, my diagnosis is Terminal unfortunately. But I totally understand your frustration with being sick so much!! It’s been 3 weeks that I’ve been sick with the first week of just vomiting all week, then the second week was filled with what I thought was a bad cold and turned out to b Covid, for the second time this year and I’m vaccinated!!! Being sick on top of having horrible yucky dumb LUPUS, is Soo miserable. I’m feeling a bit better today and 🤞🤞🤞 it stays that way!! I’m so sick of being sick too but know that you’re not alone out there…. I’m right here with you. I’ve had Lupus for 13 years now and it’s turned my life upside down but I’m just blessed to b alive!! When I was first diagnosed, I was 95 lbs, I’m 5’9” , so I was literally a skeleton. They had to put a feeding tube in my belly because even if I ate, which was rare, I was losing so much weight that I was dieing. My doctor immediately started Chemotherapy, Cytoxin, did 14 rounds of it…. Saved my life. The doctors were giving me 3-6 months to live at that point because my internal organs were failing. But I’m still alive!!! I’m a new Grandma, I have a 7 month old grandson now and I’m just so happy and so blessed to even b alive to see and watch him grow!! I just have to take it day by day and keep my faith in God and just hope and pray for the best!! I’ve spent over 600 days in the hospital… it was my second home. Then my doctor started an at home treatment plan, an injection that I have to do twice a week called Acthar Gel…. This medication, with the Chemotherapy, Cytoxin, and it too has saved my life!! I strongly recommend talking to your doctor about Acthar Gel… it’s really really worth talking to your doc about it!! I’m on FB and IG under Breann Van Fleet if you ever want to talk, ok 👌??!! Please hang in here, you’re not alone, and I’m always here if you ever need a friend with Lupus who can relate to all that you’re going through!! Much love 💕 and many prayers are sent your way from me:))

    • JingleP


      I’m so sorry that sounds almost back to back flu 😥 Hope you rest up well and get better soon!

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