Is anyone else struggling with RSD?

My RSD is making it hard to connect with new people. it's also straining my relationship with close family members as I'm constantly asking what they think about me or if they are talking about me. Does anyone have any tips to help?


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  • Mysteria


    My tips may not be helpful- as I still suffer from it. But I’ve found that mindfulness and meditation for about 30 min a day can help a little bit.

    • Jess_Fey


      thank you I definitely will have to try that 🤗

  • sabbz


    So I struggle with RSD a lot. What I find helpful is reframing and positive self talk. So like if something happens I try to step back and think okay is this really like this or is this my RSD talking? So an example would be oh someone didn't respond to my message. Your mind might think they must be mad or not like me but a way to reframe it is well maybe they didn't see it yet or maybe they're having an off day and didnt get a chance to respond. It can be hard but over time it comes more naturally.

  • Chivi


    Sorry but what’s RSD?

  • Tjap


    Yeah im w/ chivi on this one, what is RSD?

    • Molly_Grace

      338d I had to look it up too when I saw it being discussed in another post but omggg I never realized this was potentially part of ADD!!

  • RhetoricalYou


    I have heard from others that the emotional/impulsive side RSD can be helped with guanfacine/clonidine medication, though I haven't tried it myself. You would need a prescription from your doctor, but it might be worth taking to them about.

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