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Hi.. I have stage 3 pancreatic cancer...I found out 2 weeks before my 50th birthday... ever since diagnosed my life has completely fell apart... I lost my job car spouse house my life has been reduced to a 5 by 10 storage unit... I have no friends.. I am lucky to have my 3 sisters in my life and very supportive.. I have just passed my first year anniversary of diagnosed.. I am still fighting.... but sometimes I wonder what I am fighting for..

    • LivingDeadGrrrl


      Hi...4th stage here✌🏽what to fight for? I feel ya! They gave me 6wks when they gave me a biopsy 12 yrs ago! I had terminal cancer until 2 yrs ago a trial of Ludathera and now stable and just being kept comfortable. Now I'm just taking life 1 day at a time! Now I have chronic cancer! But through it all..I learned to fight for myself. So to answer you...FIGHT FOR YOU! I know this shit we call life can suck ass !Much love! I'm here if you ever wanna chat✌🏽😊

      • NE


        @LivingDeadGrrrl You are inspiring. I was diagnosed in May and have been getting chemo every other week. I’m not worried about dying, but I’m concerned for my adult children. They are not taking it as well as I am. I cry thinking about what it’s doing to them and I’ve never been a crier. I am dizzy all the time so I haven’t been exercising as I always had. I used to walk 7-8 miles a day and now I hardly leave the house. It’s so depressing.

        • LivingDeadGrrrl


          @NE I feel ya....I just turned 49 on 26 yr old & I trying 2 leave a bad situation (rapey X) atop my mri for brain cancer which I damn well hope is NEGATIVE! And all that mind fk it entails. But I've been dead & dying 12 yrs after 6wk prognosis now Glad 2 still be here and misdiagnosed on that....but I'm always worried about my daughter after I'm gone! That haunts me!

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