Hello I have a OCD theme that’s about me cheating. And I Obsess over things I say all the time. Like I complimented myself that my boobs looked good once to a friend. And now I’m rethinking and confessed it to my bf a year later . And I will obsess over texts even if I say “hi” I usually do to be nice and never talk to the person again. And omg I’m such a bad person please help.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Heytoday


    Hi! I have ocd too and went through treatment! Tbh the more you try to fix the obsession the tighter it latches on, like those lil finger handcuffs. It feels like absolute bedlam, but consider letting an upsetting thought just stay with you without confessing or reassuring yourself. Then, when the anxiety subsides (which I promise it eventually will), watch a movie or eat a chocolate or do something fun to reward yourself

    • spiraldolphin


      i love this!! such good advice

    • Emily55


      thank you !!!

      • Heytoday


        so happy to help!

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