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can malnutrition cause long lasting vitamin deficiency problems? I was badly neglected and abused as a child and later developed an eating disorder. I am doing well now and eat well, but the doctors say i still have to continue taking vitamins and iron and when i stop them i get quite ill. my deficiencies now are not caused by my diet, so could it be long term affects as a result of malnourishment in the past?

    • Alina123


      Unfortunately yes it can and you will need supplements and have a healthier diet now. You can look at the Paleo diet and bounce back to working around processed foods from the grocery store can help but I would stick to organic foods and look at the dirty dozen list when shop at grocery stores so you're not deceived on what you're buying. Be careful shopping! I have learned Bill Gates bought farming land to make ultra processed foods to eat at the grocery like fast food that is bioengineered causing so much chaos to our bodies, just be vigilant when you shop and aware. keep in mind grass fed meats are the healthier. I have something like a chemical imbalance myself mine is a combination of deficiency of neurological and cognitive health but I found solutions that are helping me.

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Yes, malnutrition can cause long-lasting vitamin deficiency problems. If you experienced malnutrition in the past and developed an eating disorder, it could have lasting effects on your body's ability to absorb and utilize certain vitamins and minerals. As a result, you may need to continue taking supplements to maintain your health even if your current diet is well-balanced.

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