I have been having issues with my thyroid and have gained alot of weight, so just wondering about a good detoxification that I can start and how to get my weight back down? guys I have gained 13 pounds with in 3 months or so .any suggestions?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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    Eating a lot of lean protein like chicken and turkey can really help kickstarter your metabolism to help burn the fat. Cardio exercises that raise your heart rate like biking or running are good, and doing some light strength training like lifting weights can build lean muscle which will help your metabolism as well. You might also ask your primary care doctor about taking a small amount of thyroid medication? Or even an endocrinologist, they specialize in hormones like thyroid. I had borderline low thyroid and taking a bit of synthetic thyroid has already helped. I see in your profile that you also have diabetes, so if you're not already, it could be nice to see an endocrinologist about that as well. I'm taking ozempic injections to help me lose weight, it helps manage my appetite and my blood sugar. The side effects are difficult in the first week or so, but it's been worth it for me. Feel free to message me with any questions!

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