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I’m hopeless again. Medications aren’t helping my depression at all and the 5 years of developing skills in therapy is a waste as the skills aren’t even helping. What else is there even to try?

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      I’m sorry, I know the feeling - it is disheartening.. honestly my best advice is two thing 1) I know it’s cliché but try to get through the day; even when it sucks I just try to struggle through it day in and day out, even if I can’t see things getting better any time soon.. just have to keep going and enjoy the small things that do make you happy (for me I rescued a few frogs from the road and that made today better, so I try to hold on to that feeling) 2) try new medications and therapy. It took me over 6 years and I kid you not, hundreds of medication combinations, to find something that worked. And even though some made me feel absolutely sick or terrible, I just kept trying until I could find something that felt like it was working. Being honest with your doctors and not being afraid to tell them “I don’t think this medication/treatment plan is helping” can change your life. There is hope out there, wether that be medication or different therapy approaches (group vs individual vs DBT vs CBT vs animal vs behavioral, etc) and unfortunately it can take lots and trial and error to find the one that is right for you - but it’ll be worth it when you do. You got this and deserve to feel better! I wish you all the best 💕

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