I’ve always worked on Halloween, now this year they gave me the day off and its opened my eyes to how lonely and isolated I am that I’m too scared to go somewhere to celebrate and have no friends to celebrate with.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • lachelle


    Sometimes you don't need friends to have fun just be safe about it you take yourself out to eat or have a drink at a place like Chili's or you can get take out for home and binge watch Halloween movies. 🎃 I can relate to loneliness considering I'm confide to a chair and have three little ones. But I try to keep a smile and hope so should you ❤

  • PurplePenguinsPolka


    I am also dealing with issues of loneliness with depression/anxiety and going through a breakup. It's really hard because that was the person I did everything with. I'm here if you wanna talk and be friends (that goes for anyone that sees this)

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