Is halloween a hard time for anyone else? I feel like its almost impossible to overlook social differences when group costumes come out and without a solid friend group the holiday always feels so lonely. Like i “should” have plans but i never do, even if i really try

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Amyranthe


    Halloween is one of those few holidays where “imposter syndrome” becomes “con artist syndrome” for me. I can be more of myself during that time because people are more accepting and more expecting of “character personalities” so I can be the feral little goblin that gets to goof off and have some fun.

  • minime273


    Halloween itself is not socially tricky for me, because I usually spend it with parents and siblings, but I relate to longing for a good solid friend group to do stuff with. I pretty much have my partner, my best friend, and then some other friends I don't talk to much. No big groups, just the misfits i picked up along the way, and everyone is long-distance.

  • Mewmewkyui


    I get it, that’s why I avoid Halloween parties all together for the most part. I still like to go trick or treating it feels more… equal, I guess?

    • Turtle_


      i love that outlook

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