Hey, im new here. struggling keeping my gluten free diet, and finding motivation to exercise

Celiac Disease

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

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  • kittykat378


    Hi! I've beem gluten free for 9 years now and I have a friend who is struggling being vegan. My best advice: if your body is physically reacting listen! Don't destroy your body. Feeding it poison is baaad. Find spices and gluten free items you love! Tell your friends/family when you discover new yummy brands and although you should do your research and understand what likely has gluten, ask or have someone ask for you if you go out to eat.

  • classypenguin


    Once you can start keeping your self gluten free the motivation will slowly come back. Your lack of motivation is not only physical but mental as well, if you aren't eating right these areas will continue to lack motivation and you will see worse symptoms over time.

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