My TSH has always been either high unmedicated or normal medicated. I've been on 50mcg for about a year and a half. December 2021 my TSH was 1.8, I got it tested again last week and it was .02 with pretty high t3 and t4, doctor didn't test my antibodies again (even though I asked for it) and just lowered my dose to 25mcg and I'm going to check in again with my regular doctor next month. has this happened to anyone? it's weird to be in hyper status after always being hypo.




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  • Zo_Zo


    Earlier this year my doctor started panicking because my labs looked like I wasn’t making any TSH. Apparently there is a common vitamin that is in multivitamins that can mess with thyroid lab results so it looks like you are hyper. They made me wait a week before retesting which was more normal

    • Karkeys


      do you know what vitamin that is? I take a multivitamin (I've been taking it for a while tho) and that sounds like it could be my situation

  • KD123


    Biotin affects tsh labs. It's in multivitamins, even some protein shakes/supplements.

    • Karkeys


      I've been taking vitamins for a while and my t3/t4 are on the high side. I'm not really sure it's that.

  • rubyjune


    It can happen with thyroid storms where levels can go to both extremes. I would.try to talk to a professional about it more if you can because I don't know a ton.

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