i am so alone. i push everyone away and when i split i scare people away. they don’t trust me and make me feel like a monster. i get called evil and scary because im confusing. i have no body and i will always be alone. i hate myself so much.

Mood swings


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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  • FernGrimm


    I'm sorry you feel this way. By any chance are you seeking professional help with some of the symptoms? It might help you cope a bit and stuff.

    • lilac.silhouette


      the last time i got help was about a year ago. it worked, a bit, but for some reason i started feeling unsafe. i recently thought of contacting them again sometime soon. i’m excited because i’m actually looking forward to it (:

  • FernGrimm


    I hope it becomes a good experience for you and you keep on improving yourself. :)

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