Are there other medicines or supplements I should be trying? I just don't feel like levothyroxine alone is helping me and my doses just cont to get higher.


Nausea and Vomiting


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  • FL_Jess


    I developed my own dietary habits based on what didn't cause a flair. Gluten free means that if I eat meat or comsume milk products, they must also be grass fed products. I also experience gastric distress if I consume knightshade plants (tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, etc) My diet is compsed primarily of fish, whole foods, fruits, or gluten free food items. Gluten actually naturally causes inflammation in the human body. In the case of a gluten sensitivity, it causes internal inflammation in the body. For me, gluten cause every muscle in my body to cramp. I then develop a migraine, which leads to nausea & vomiting. Dr Izabella Wentz has some wonderful information in her books & on her website about how to develop the best diet for your individual case of Hashimoto's. I hope that helps you☮

  • FL_Jess


    Dr Wentz also discusses how making small nutritional change can help minimize (not cure or heal !) Hashimoto's symptoms by naturally helping your body handle the inflammation caused by Thyroiditis.

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