I've been on a never ending cycle of health anxiety. I constantly feel like there's something wrong with me. What are some ways you guys have managed?

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  • ksmama


    I am going through the same thing! If you haven't already, go to your doctor get as many tests that you can that relate to your symptoms. If everything comes back normal, try to get back to your daily routine! That's what I've tried doing. It's going well, still have the feelings but try to keep my mind off of it and the overthinking

  • tiarasmnt


    You are definitely not alone. I just stared having anxiety 6 months ago. I feel every ache and pain is something serious like cancer or heart attack. I've had some weird symptoms like arm and elbow discomfort and mild pain under scapula. I've convinced myself I now have some sort of cancer but I feel relief when I'm focused on something or if I stay busy. It's when I'm bored do these pains really start to show. I just started taking sertraline because Dr thinks it's anxiety. I'm here to talk if you need. I realte to you so much.

  • Eden31


    You have to be comfortable with being certain ENOUGH. Life is nothing but uncertainty. You have the tests done & nothing is ever wrong. Although there is always a .1% chance that something was missed, 99.9% says most likely you are in good health. I have health anxiety as well and there are webinars online that can really show you that it’s your mind… every single thing a person with health anxiety does & it’s dead on. Once you see that it will put your mind in its place lol

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