For those of you in college, how do you get through the semester with chronic tickborne illness? I'm a senior science student and it's so hard to keep up with my schoolwork. Our library is closed and there is no work life balance and I just want to sleep. Do any of you have any strategies that help you focus and get things done?

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  • Nat_Nat


    I reached out to my professors, before I even knew my issue was tick-borne illness related. I just told them I was tired, and overwhelmed, and stressed because of my medical issues. They worked with me. It felt shameful to ask for help but teachers want you to learn and succeed so reach out!

  • Happyhavoc


    I definitely relate. My advice would be to your profs and any resources your school has to offer. Taking lots of breaks, making sure you get enough sleep, and having enough to eat helps me.

  • Owlbug97


    I went through college with Lyme and changing my diet really helped. Some days were just too hard to make it to class though. You have to give yourself a break on the hard days and just do your best ❤️

  • BiancaNR


    I can agree with the comments, communication is definitely important! I also would recommend looking at what accommodations your school can provide... as for day to day, naps sometimes help, definitely try and keep a planner... I tend to make notes of everything so I don't forget... try and keep up on taking basic supplements to help support your system... and I totally understand what the other comment is saying about feeling shameful, it's sometimes really hard feeling like you're taking help you don't deserve, but I promise it's ok! Good professors will want to work with you so you can get a good education and stay afloat... you're the one paying for the education!! I hope things start to improve!

  • Sophia_Olivia


    I have Lyme and go to a very rigorous college and these are the changes I have made that have been crucial for me: 1. Eliminate all processed sugar and gluten (you can still eat natural sugar like Stevia and fruit) 2. Take 30 mins a day to lay down with your eyes shut doing nothing 3. Coffee to help concentration and focus. 4. Going to bed early (9pm or 10pm). 5. Take supplements like vitamin C and D!

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