does anyone happen to know if POTS symptoms are worsened or effected at all when drinking or using weed? obviously it's probably Ill advised but just wondering if it would actually do substantial harm if you only did it like once or twice a month.


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  • Sparkelmoondust


    I personally haven’t noticed weed or alcohol affecting my POTS as long as I’m well hydrated!

  • Atatizakti


    Weed made my blood pressure drop and made me feel really cold. Also gave me palpitations.

  • anemone


    weed does make my symptoms a bit worse but some of that is that it can drop your blood pressure and some of it is that it gets you really dehydrated a lot faster. i've noticed that i can get an increase in my heartrate too. you'll need to take in extra water if you do. i use it frequently and seem just fine, though. start slow and test out how you handle it - that's my best advice. alcohol makes my dizziness and nausea worse, so that could be considered a worsening of symptoms... but i've never noticed it affecting consciousness. again, go slow and keep extra hydrated.

  • Avanelle


    Weed is known to raise the heart rate and lower the blood pressure much like pots already does so it’s not advised. Every website every and every doctor also told me not to drink. I’m not a big drinker but the weed part sucks. I try to only use when my chronic pain is bad, it’s night time and I’m going to bed anyways, and I had a good pots day.

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