what symptoms indicate my illness is getting worse. what other treatments are there?


Edema and Anasarca

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Low Mood


Abdominal Distention

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  • Hikerlady


    When my fingers and toes start to ache and the brain fog gets worse which leads to depression are signs I’m having a flare up. Lately it’s been more often than not due to stress of a new job.

  • Hikerlady


    My dr put me on low dose naltrexone and Meloxicam. They do ok. Stress causes my flare ups so I try to take walks in the park, read a good book, relax with my cats (cuddle time), listen to music.

  • Nlove


    I have tried meloxicam or tripoline and one other that I believe begins with an n and all of them have caused swelling. The pain is so bad that I'm literally not sleeping good at all. Although I will say that the stress has been pretty bad lately. I have been trying lots of self-care.

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