haven't seen my therapist in a month so gonna vent on here cus maybe someone can help

so I've been having rlly realistic dreams , like so much that they feel so real sometimes I wake up and geniually think they happened and the other day I had a dream I was awake during surgery and I was bleeding out and I felt it and the nurse injected me with a needle and I woke up and I felt the needle I felt all of it and it was just so blah and I really hate them bc I've had dreams of loved ones doing rlly bad things to me and then i can't stand to look at them for weeks and idk if it's just a normal werid dream thing or if it's something else sos

ik this dosent rlly make sense but if u have any advice pls tell 👍

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  • JPGalerie


    The only thing I would say is to journal your dreams (there's plenty of apps). It helps with being able to be lucid. It's difficult but try to get your dream self to count your fingers on your hand. Then do it when you wake up. Finger tip to finger tip, slowly. It can still be distressing and I can't guarantee any of this will work but it's all I've got

  • Nightreader


    Maybe you could explore lucid dreaming Ivdk much but it may help you to understand when ur dreaming and maybe have more control of the dreamea. Good luck 🤞

  • WaywornPuppy


    Aside from being medicated for it, I often get these types of dreams too. I would ask said people if certain things happened so I get do a mental check. Writing them down and making a note to remember them usually means I'll dream again the next night; if I make an 3ffort to not remember or care about the dream I can usually break the chain. Confronting them and discussing them does help too

  • vmartinez6


    I have these but I'm also a mental health counselor. I recommend that you look up DBT nightmare protocol. It's basically where you write down the current dream you're having that's distressing. Then you mediate. There's plenty of meditations that you can find on YouTube that will calm you and prepare you for sleep. Then the 2nd part you journal the best outcome for your dream. It has helped my clients and I've done it too and it's helpful

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