I'm so frustrated since I have had to completely change my diet. I thought I was feeling better now that I know what was causing my random swelling and itching, turns out I'm not. I broke down and cried because lunch was brought to all of us at work and I could only eat 2 things, chicken and apple sauce. I don't feel like I should be this upset because there are others who have more going on with them and AGS was only discovered in 2009, so most don't even know it exists. the looks I get from people when I explain that I can't eat normal foods or risk a trip to the ER... sorry for ranting but this whole thing is making my depression worse.

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  • MoonCrystal91


    No need to apologize. People need to realize there are reasons people can't eat certain foods. It sucks you have to go through that. I don't even know what AGS is but always willing to learn!

    • Lulabelle


      Alpha Gal Syndrome... I'm reactive to mammalian meats and byproducts as the result of a tick bite.

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