Can anyone give me advice in moving to a new state? I've never been there and I'm only going because my husband wants to be closer to his family. I'm having a lot of issues with it because it means making a whole new routine and learning new things. I don't like the state I'm in and don't have a support system, other than my husband, so I'm trying to be open-minded to a new experience and place.


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  • LunarLoki


    I get how you feel. It wasn't to a new state, but I moved in with my husband and he lived in another city. Due to lack of transportation (I don't drive) I was isolated from my support system as well and my husband was working a lot and we barely had time or the money to drive 2 hours to my hometown. It was really hard and I developed bad panic attacks that kept me bed ridden. Then we started playing cards at a local TCG shop and I started to slowly make friends. I got medication for the anxiety and depression. I started to get a better outlook on things and I slowly got better. My advice is to find a common group of people in his State. Meet his friends and family. You don't have to rush anything of course. Because I also have high functioning autism as well. It takes me a while to connect in person. I hope the best for you 😊

  • Squishy_Rex


    It's a big step to reach out to his family tbh. His family is transphobic and I'm trans. So it's a lot of things honestly. I already have bad anxiety and depression. And we're moving to a small town in the new state. So I doubt I'll have many options to make friends 😥

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    It's a big step. Keep yourself calm and take a step at a time. Sometimes a small change in our schedule makes a world of difference. Tip for moving: organize everything and clean before moving if you can. Dust can make your new home feel off. Also, my partner and I used colored stickers. We had blue for the bathroom etc. It was a life saver.

  • jrall


    when moving/traveling i make sure that i at least have the basics down. like eating enough, sleeping when you need to, stimming, avoid overstimulation etc. It also helped me to be able to rant to someone. And surrounding myself with familiar things that make me feel comforted.

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