I get burnt out really easily. Usually people have ways of managing that and getting better while still doing life's daily activities, but I can't. I've tried coping mechanisms and the only thing that works for me is to leave school for a day or two and do nothing but relax. Nobody is ever gonna accept that. That's not how the school or work system operates. So if I ever get burnt out at my job or anything in the future, I'm just gonna get fired.


Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • melabeille


    I'm in the same boat 😥 Looking forward to the community's input.

  • RainBowShine


    I know everyone has different situations so this may or may not work for you but have you considered remote or freelance work? That could let you be the boss of your own schedule moreso and get the work done on your more productive days. Another option could be PRN (as needed) work (common in healthcare but may exist in other fields) . This basically means you are called and asked if you want to work when a company is in need of extra help that day.

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