Anyone else with autism have a feiend/family member who says stuff like "You don't have autism", or "You just have sensory issues." 😑

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • kaylafurman



  • Katty


    Ugh that’s the worse. Sensory issues are one part of autism and can exist alone. However, just because sensory reactions may be the most visible part of your presentation doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that they can’t see. Skskks the nerve of some people. Like please show me your degree in psychology. Your years of experience working with autistic people. Your deep understanding of me and my life. Oh wait…what was that…you don’t have any of that?!?!….hmmm…. Well then I guess I just DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU GET AN OPINION

  • GracefulKim


    Ask if that's their final diagnosis. Be careful though, especially if they don't like smart assess

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