Hey alikies, having some serious issues with motivation for my home life. I have an active job in fast food, and I absolutely love it, but even after medication it feels like I'm having manic when at work, and when I'm home, all I want to do is laze and snap at people and sleep til the next time I work. I haven't been able to clean or do chores or cook, and I really want to get back into doing that. Any advice is appreciated, but I'm also okay with talking to anyone who relates or not 💕✨

Bipolar Disorder

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  • klazikel


    I haven't worked since 2016, but when I did work, it was like a switch flipped. I would go what I consider to be hypomanic at work, be really on top of everything, then crash when i got home. Sometimes I would even start crying in my car on the way home. I would have nothing left for all of my at home stuff. I've unfortunately come to the understanding that working means expending a large amount of energy that I can't get back that day, so I'm not working now.

  • miju


    I think it would help just to tell yourself you'll do something small each day - like I'll do the dishes or cook something small yk

    • BlueCreature


      that's right baby steps, the mind is a magnificent machine. Start by saying with your mouth I will Do . . . Then go an actually do it, even if it's a tough battle. We lose every battle that we don't fight in.

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