Wow! I wondered if there really were other people with Diabetes insipidus. How were you diagnosed? Did you have MRI of your head too?!

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  • rezz_berry


    hey yeah i did starting at age 8

    • rezz_berry


      i felt very tired and lethargic and never wanted to drink water bc i had no thirst mechanism. went to the doctor and they sent me to the ER. doctors said that other cases with DI they are excessively thirsty, but with me, i wasn’t thirsty at all and i had several brain MRI so they could see if anything is abnormal with my pituitary

      • Sugars


        that's very different from what my doctor said. He said diabetes just means excessive thirst. In one way or another, the pituitary is messed up. I'm glad you have an answer to your health.

  • Ananatasha


    I found out in 2012 when I got an iron infusions and I got really weak my sodium levels were so high the doctors said that it was the first time they see a sodium level so high I was in the hospital for a week 3 days in icu because the doctors did lower my sodium but it happen so fast that they wanted to monitor me. I used to drink a 5 gallons water bottle every single day and used to pee a lot even with all that water I was dehydrated.

    • rezz_berry


      is your sodium still high & did you take any meds ?

  • Peanut1T


    I had a CAT scan when I was 7 years old and they found the craniopharyngioma on my pituitary gland. They removed 1/2 of the benign tumor, because removing the whole tumor, would've caused me to be blind in my right eye. I had no appetite, ate like a bird when I was hungry, and was lethargic abd vomiting, and couldn't keep anything down, so one doctor finally did the CAT scan and found the craniopharyngioma tumor. I also have Panhypopituitarism, Diabetes Insipidus, Obesity, Hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux and heartburn.

    • Xarian97


      omg we had the same surgery and everything, wow I genuinely didn't think someone else had the exact same things as me..

      • Peanut1T


        that's one of the reasons I love this app. I didn't think there was anyone either. Here we can chat and share what we're going through. It's helped me a lot, knowing there are others out there with the same issues/health issues.

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